Our Story

Where do I start!! So many creative ideas running through my head I hardly know! I grew up always painting, drawing and collecting stuff and creating things with that stuff.  It’s always been who I am and probably will be forever! I naturally passed this experience on to my own three boys and they in turn invited friends around to create stuff! That’s how Sams Art House was started! A friend suggested I set up classes for kids and actually get paid for the ‘joy’ of it and here I am a few years later!

I love to foster my same childhood experiences into my classes … to provide kids and adults alike with exposure to being creative, to think differently, to be proud and enthused with what they create, to be able to look at the world differently and create ‘outside the lines’.

I believe creativity is so important in everyones life, from youngsters through to the young at heart! It provides opportunity to leave behind the stresses of your day and lose yourself in colourful, creative fun!  At Sams Art House we provide a range of opportunities to get your creative juices flowing, from art and drawing classes for school ages, our ‘budding’ artists – pre-schoolers, adults art/craft workshops, Arty Birthday parties, work parties, exhibition space, visiting artists, DIY creative projects, amazing handmade craft and artwork for purchase, the list is endless.

Sam Walker